Group 1 – EL Ranch
51 hd. True F1 Tiger-Stripe and Brown-White face first calf heifer pairs, calves will weigh 450-600 pounds. Heifers will be bred back Angus bulls, and many will be (THREE-IN-ONE) by sale day. These pairs are always a sale favorite.

Group 2 – EL Ranch
21 hd. True F1 second calf Tiger-Stripe and Brown-White face cows. 6 calves at side by Angus bulls, balance of cows are long bred. This is a tremendous set of young cows bred to have their second calf.

Group 3 –Thompson Ranches
15 hd. True F1 open Brangus heifers out of Brahman cows and Angus bulls. Heifers will weigh 750-850 pounds. Very gentle and easy to handle. No brands.

Group 4 – Thompson Ranches
35 hd. Open Grey Brahman heifers out of commercial Brahman cows and Kallion Farm high Marbling bulls. Heifers will weigh 600-750 pounds and will be divided into small uniform groups. No brands.

Group 5 – Thompson Ranches
17 hd. True F1 second calf Tiger-Stripe and Brown-White face cows. They are medium to long bred to Angus bulls. No brands.

Group 6 – Thompson Ranches
90 hd. True F1 open Tiger-Stripe and Brown-White face heifers. They are out of Brahman cows and Horned Hereford bulls. Heifers will weigh 650-850 pounds, and will be divided into small uniform groups of 3-10 hd. Many county/fair show heifers in this group. No brands. 

Group 7 – 2J Livestock
17 hd. First calf Brangus and Brangus Baldy heifers 4-6 months bred to Angus bulls.

Group 8 – Rock Creek Ranch
29 hd. Brahman first calf heifer pairs. 5 of these heifers have Brahman calves, 14 have black F1 calves and 10 have off color calves from Red Angus bulls. These heifer pairs have been running back with horned Hereford bulls. There should be many (THREE-IN- ONES) by sale day.